A meeting was held for Universities e-learning centers directors on Tuesday, 05/06/2014 at 10 am in the Supreme Council of Universities which is began with a speech by prof. Ahmed el saiid Tolba manager of e-knowledge and services center and Dr Ahmed Hassan , deputy director of the center , and Dr. Ramy zaky discuss several topics from the status of the most important production centers in terms of publishing , activation and marketing with surrounding standards of the Supreme Council of Universities , which correspond to the modern with the latest educational theories , also introduced as a new program to help speed the process of the production of electronic courses with its compatibility with mobile learning process
They also discussed some of the new technological innovations that will be applied in the Egyptian universities of 01/07/2014 (edupedia , MOOCs) that was developed characterization and educational standard, in addition to discussing the problems of production centers of infrastructure , administrative and financial problems and to reach an agreement on most things problems .

The meeting ended with the distribution of certificates of appreciation for some of the production centers, which ranked in the publication, activation and marketing of e-course