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The national e-learning center was established in 2005, to be one of the essential projects financed by the Information & Communication Technology Project (ICTP) in the higher education. Then, in 2009 it became part of the Electronic and Knowledge Services Center (EKSC), at the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU). The center aims to enhance the education process in Egypt by promoting the usage of e-learning to be basic criteria in the Egyptian universities. That's in order to be able to compete on the national and international levels. Thus, the center aims to enhance the targeted learning outputs, within the higher education institutions, in Egypt, through the effective usage of information and communication technology applications in supporting the teaching and learning strategies.

The NELC governs 22 other centers to produce the e-courses within the governmental universities and its branches. The center provides technical support and consultations in instructional designing, developing, training and marketing e-courses.

Also you can visit NELC official website Or the SCU portal